1st Internet-Controlled Toy Released 2010
  1. World's first "smart" vibrator
  2. Controlled through a Skype connection
  3. Ability to sync vibrations with music
3rd Generation Released 2014 2015
  1. App control
  2. Bi-directional controls
  3. Enhanced design for maximum pleasure and comfort
Lush is Released! 2016
  1. Lush was the first vibrator to be controllable via an Apple Watch
  2. We raised over $100,000 for pre-orders on IndieGogo
Hush is Released! 2017
  1. Hush is the first Bluetooth butt plug able to be controlled at a long distance
  2. We raised over $200,000 in pre-orders on IndieGogo
Ambi is Released!
  1. Unique design that complements the body during sex
  2. Comfortable to hold in multiple positions
Edge is Released!
  1. World’s first adjustable prostate massager
  2. Super-strong vibrations, yet whisper quiet
Lovense USB Bluetooth Adapter is Released! 2018
  1. Customized exclusively to connect Lovense toys to a Windows PC
  2. Supports up to five simultaneous connections
2nd Generation Prototype
  1. Began developing revolutionary "his" and "her" interactability
  2. PC-based internet control
4th Generation Released
  1. Nora’s motor is now quieter and the beads were adjusted
  2. Max’s water resistance is improved and the size was enhanced
5th Generation Released
  1. Optimized shaft, improved charging port and clit arm made flexible for Nora
  2. Added an air vent and a more elastic sleeve to Max
6th Generation Released
  1. Improved sensor for detecting partner's movements
  2. Updated packaging
Domi is Released!
  1. Domi is a super powerful mini wand
  2. Wireless and rechargeable
Osci is Released!
  1. World’s first G-spot toy that actually “pumps” the G-spot
  2. Unique patent-pending technology







2017 was a successful year for us. We doubled our product line by launching four new products: Ambi, a bullet vibrator with a unique design; Edge, our adjustable prostate massager; Domi, a super powerful mini wand; and Osci, an oscillating G-spot toy! We raised over $327,000 in pre-orders via Indiegogo over 10 months and, after completing the campaign, launched all products on our official store. Also, our software development team released two new apps!"

While launching new toys, we also think about how to improve other aspects of user experience. So, we started 2018 with another launch! Lovense USB Bluetooth Adapter was created by our team to exclusively connect any Lovense toy to a Windows PC in just a few, easy steps!

Behind the scenes, the Lovense team continues to work hard to bring sex tech into every bedroom. If you're interested in our new products, you should follow us on Instagram (we usually preview new products there):

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